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Vintage Car Insurance

Vintage Car Insurance

If you own a vintage car built between 1919 and 1930 you can compare a range of specialist vintage car insurance quotes and schemes, from the UK’s premier online vintage car insurers Flux!

Large online discounts and club member savings – Guaranteed Agreed Valuations! – Vintage Car Show & Rally cover available ! – Specialist broker claims services! is different because it is a UK Vintage Car Insurance comparison website that compares multiple vintage car insurance schemes, offering you a range of bespoke quotes and covers for your particular vintage car.

You could save hundreds of £££’s when you compare our cheap specialist vintage car insurance schemes online using our two minute vintage quick quote system

You’ll also have the continual help of specialist vintage car insurance brokers and experts at your disposal should you have any queries or claims at any time.

You are welcome to enquire at any time from our staff’s expert advice and friendly after care.

Our car insurance Vintage Motor comparison system can find you the most current best market deals for your vintage car insurance, no matter what your particular circumstances, if you satisfy the following conditions:


We can cover all drivers with convictions, non-motoring conviction, drivers have ever had insurance cancelled or refused, and all drivers with medical conditions.

United Kingdom – What is a vintage car?

There is no fixed definition of a vintage car however for UK insurance purposes our insurance schemes are aimed ar cars built will post WW1 – 1918 through to 1930 and the start of the classic car period. Our vintage car schemes benefit from limited mileage and agreed valuations, not obtainable under a standard policy contract such as the type usually found at standard car insurance comparison websites. The cars value can be any amount.

The HM Revenue & Customs define a vintage car for company taxation purposes as being over 15 years old and having a value in excess of £15,000, however at you can insure a car under a vintage policy no matter its value..

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