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Convicted Driver Insurance

Convicted Driver Insurance

If you have been convicted of a motoring offense you may well be charged a higher premium.

Currently if you have a minor endorsement such as an SP30 for speeding or three points on your license this will not normally affect your premiums, unless you are a new driver. This may well change in the future as some ‘minor’ offenses such as speeding are seen as socially unacceptable and are due for reclassification which could soon carry six license penalty points.

Applying for Car Insurance with convictions

When you apply for car insurance you will be asked a question along the lines of;
Previous convictions
Has the proposer or any other person who to his knowledge will drive, been subject to a driving disqualification or been convicted of or received notice of any intended prosecution for any offense in connection with any motor vehicle?
If so, give dates and full particulars on the application form.

A record of convictions for motoring offenses requires close investigation for the underwriting car insurance company. The DVLA have published a list of codes for driving offenses and some insurers require the codes to be quoted. Some Car Insurers limit their inquiries regarding previous convictions to the preceding five years for the more common type of offense such as speeding or up to ten years for the more serious offenses, such as driving with drugs or a degree of alcohol in the blood in excess of the maximum permitted level. All convictions are covered by the limitations and ‘spent’ periods as originally defined in the Rehabilitation and Offenders Act 1974.

Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes

If you have previous convictions or have had car insurance refused on previous occasions due to convictions, our specialist brokers can help get you covered!

We are able to find you cover for most Convicted Drivers!


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