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Your Occupation or Trade

Your Occupation or Trade

On the Quotation proposal form you will be asked to state your occupation or trade. The answers you give will affect the premium calculation as different occupations carry a different rate.

If there is more than one occupation all must be stated. The answer to this question is of the greatest importance in underwriting private car and commercial vehicle risks: some insurers publish differential rates for certain occupations.

The information given in response to the proposal form questions relating to occupation or trade may give a fair indication of the proposer’s life style and habits and these details, when related to the type of vehicle and the insured’s address, may provide a key as to the extent to which and the purposes for which the vehicle is likely to be used.

It may no longer be true to say, in this age of Internet Car Insurance Comparison Systems, straight through processing computerization and sophisticated rating techniques, that Car Insurer’s ‘underwrite by the seat of their pants’ – but intuition and ‘hunch’ still have important roles to play especially for specialist car insurance brokers and a careful consideration of the information given on a proposer’s occupation(s) may still have an important bearing on the underwriting of a particular risk and the premium and conditions which should be applied.

To take a simple example, a proposer may state that he is a salesman working is a shop ‘most of the time’ and on the face of it an ordinary Class I policy covering social, domestic and pleasure use and use by the insured in person for his business might be thought appropriate; if the vehicle to be insured is an ‘estate’ model, however, an experienced underwriter may suspect that the occasional business use might involve the carrying of samples or other goods which might constitute, in effect, ‘commercial traveling’ and which might justify the issue of a Class III policy at a premium 50% higher than that required for a Class I policy.

Think carefully how you define your employment to avoid disappointment should you need to claim. if in doubt pick up the phone and talk directly to a car insurance broker…….

Car Insurance Television is able to offer car insurance quotes for all occupations and trades including celebrities, footballers, publicans, nightclub owners and journalists to name but a few!

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