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Use to which the vehicle is put

One of the major rating factors in deciding the price you pay for car insurance is determined by the ways in which you use the car.

The use to which the vehicle is put is of paramount importance to the car insurers in determining the conditions upon which the proposal should be accepted – if at all – and the premium which should be charged.

All Car Insurers nowadays adopt more or less standard use classifications, for both private and commercial vehicles.

Typically usage types on a proposal or quotation form may for example be:

a) a vehicle which is used solely for social, domestic and pleasure purposes – so called SDP usage

b) a vehicle which is used for commercial traveling commonly known as business use.

c) a car which is used for SDP and commuting

The latter two examples of use mean almost inevitably that the car will be on the road a great deal more than the first standard SDP type and the car stands more chance of being involved in an accident. Therefore the car insurance companies charge more for the premium. It is thus vital for the Car Insurer to know the exact use to which the vehicle will be put and to fix their premium and conditions accordingly in each case.

No matter how you use your car we are able to provide you with very competitive quotes at Car Insurance TV…

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