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Third Party

Third Party

The expression ‘third party’ is, perhaps, more widely used in the context of motor and car insurance than with any other class of insurance business today and it is worth emphasizing here that there are only two main parties to the motor insurance contract:

The car insurance company and You!

The Insured!

Nobody else is a ‘party’ to the contract, although, of course, motor insurers and car insurance companies have to deal all the time with persons who are not parties to the agreement as, for example, various parties Motor Engineers, Loss Adjusters, Car Hire Executives and Solicitors etc., where the insured motorist causes an accident involving bodily injury to somebody else.

The insurers may have to deal with a claim from the injured person who does not, however, have any rights under the policy (in all but the most exceptional circumstances) and such persons are referred to as ‘third parties’.

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