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Proposer of Car Insurance

The Proposer of Car Insurance is the person who completes the on-line quotation and proposal form. you are making a proposal to insure your car to the car insurance company or underwriters, or system if automated, which will become a legally binding contract if accepted.

Proposer establishes the identity of the other party to the car insurance contract and may place the underwriter on inquiry if the circumstances are such..

Some car insurance companies and on-line comparison proposal forms require:

a proposer’s country of origin and if this is outside the U.K. the length of time he has been resident in the U.K.

When seeking information concerning the proposer’s country of birth the insurer must keep in mind the requirements of the Race Discrimination Acts.

Those Acts effectively would preclude insurers from imposing special terms on the sole grounds that the proposer or insured was not born in the U.K.

On the other hand, the U.K. is one of the few countries where driving is still to the left of the road, and for this reason alone there are sound grounds for arguing that persons who are newly-arrived in this country have not the requisite degree of driving under out road conditions to justify acceptance at normal rates.

Where a person was born abroad, therefore, and there is no evidence to show that he or she is completely familiar with out driving conditions, car insurers will sometimes impose an excess or some other condition for, say, 12 months during which time, it is assumed, the motorist should be able to obtain the requisite degree of experience of driving under U.K. conditions and with the Race Discrimination Acts in mind the Car Insurers would take pains to ensure that the proposer understands and accepts the reasons for their decision.

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