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Proposal Forms

Proposal forms

Questions that are common to all types of car insurance proposal forms which today includes an on-line quotation form, whether relating to private cars, commercial vehicles,or motor cycles are questions of disclosure which you are legally bound to answer honestly.

The following questions, subject to only minor differences, will usually be found in all motor proposal forms and quote forms you fill out on a website. Some insurers insert a warning as to the application of the questions to other than individuals.
For example, it is not uncommon for a proposal form to be completed in the name of a company or other organization, especially where a ‘company car’ is involved and in such cases insurers normally insist on being given the same complete information on the person or persons who will normally drive as they would obtain if the proposal form had been completed in the name of the person himself.
The reasons for this will be obvious; a person who has an unhappy record of accidents or convictions may be tempted to try to conceal his record from the insurers by having the proposal form completed in the name of his employers and there is the risk that the insurers would not be able to obtain the premium and conditions they would have required had they known about the driver’s record.
The normal practice, therefore, is for insurers to insert in their proposal forms a stipulation to the effect that if the form is completed in the name of the company or organization, questions relating to accidents records, convictions, experience, and so on shall be answered in relation to the person(s) who will normally drive and in this way insurers can be reasonably sure of obtaining all the information they require and in consequence, the correct premium and conditions.

This rule may sometimes be waived where the employer involved has a large fleet of vehicles insured with the same insurer where a flat rate premium per vehicle is usually calculated and this flat premium is generally reckoned to cater for most types of driving and insurance records with the exception of the more serious offenses such as driving under the influence of drink.

Where a ‘drink-drive’ or other serious conviction is disclosed in respect of any particular driver, the insurers will still require full details of the offense and may insist on special terms being applied to that driver even under a policy covering a whole fleet of vehicles.
In general terms, however, and where an employer has a minimum of 15-20 vehicles insured with the same insurers, the latter may be prepared not to insist upon the provision of the individual details referred to above.

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