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The number of previous claims you have made will seriously affect the amount you pay for your car insurance. When you apply on a quotation or proposal form you wil be asked a number of questions about how many claims you have made in the past, for example:

State total number of vehicles owned and particulars of all accidents or losses during the past three years (or sometimes 5 years) in connection with all motor vehicles or cycles owned or driven by you.

Note particularly that the proposer has to declare:

  1. All accidents and losses whether covered by insurance or not;
  2. All such accidents or losses occurring in connection with his own vehicles (whether he was driving or not);
  3. All such accidents and losses occurring in connection with any other vehicle he was driving.

If more than one small accident is revealed the underwriter may call for a full description of each accident.

The number of accidents must be considered in relation to the number of vehicles at risk, but undoubtedly more importance should be attached to the frequency of accidents rather than to the amounts.

It is an unhappy truth that some drivers are accident-prone and if they have been involved in a series of minor accidents without having been held responsible for any of them, insurers will still tend to look upon these drivers as ‘grey area’ risks who, sooner or later, are bound to have another – and perhaps more serious – accident for which they are to blame and which may result in considerable claims expenditure for their insurers.

Regardless of the driver’s previous ‘innocence’ therefore, many insurers will be inclined to consider special terms for drivers with this sort of record. So far as concerns the actual cost of the previous accidents, the proposer can hardly be expected to know the exact amounts paid or estimated as still outstanding.

Nevertheless, in view of the continually escalating cost of claims due to repair charges and ipersonal injury claims, insurers will usually endeavor to obtain details of the amounts paid on the previous claims from the previous insurer; nowadays more than ever insurers must be concerned to make a profit from their underwriting and will try to obtain as reliable an impression as possible of what a proposer’s future record is likely to be.

No matter the amount of previous claims you have had at Car Insurance television we are able to provide quotes for you…

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