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Introductory Discounts

Many car insurers offer an introductory discounts of up to 25% to drivers with a clean record who have never previously been insured in their own name, but have been driving on another persons policy as a named driver.

Whilst this may mean, in practice, that insurers may be allowing an Introductory discount to the son or daughter of an existing insured when the son or daughter has, in reality, been insured for years while driving the parent’s car, these Introductory discounts are an added incentive to encourage the son or daughter to arrange a separate policy in their own name early on in life.

Insurers for their own part benefit from the knowledge that the policy they have issued is correctly rated and that they are not in effect covering a vehicle which is insured in a parent’s name but which is, in reality, driven almost exclusively by a younger member of the family.

Introductory Discounts are also available to drivers who have been driving Company Cars for many years and have not accrued their own no claims bonus years

To receive an introductory discount on your car insurance you will need to speak to the Insurer or Broker in person.

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