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Garaged Vehicles

Garaged Vehicles

All Car insurance quotation and proposal forms will ask you whether you keep your car in a garage. This inquiry is essential to the Car Insurer to apply rating by Postcode district.

Some insurers also inquire whether the vehicle is left in the open at night and where this is, for example, ‘do you leave your car parked in the road or on a driveway?’ and so charge an additional premium based on the value of the vehicle.

Alternatively, the theft of accessories and spare parts may be excluded unless the vehicle is stolen at the same time.

A large number of insurers impose an additional premium to cover the added theft risk, or insist upon the exclusion referred to, only when the vehicle is kept in one of the large urban areas, e.g. the Manchester, Birmingham, London, or a large Metropolitan Area, where thefts of, or from, parked cars tend to be much more frequent than in smaller towns or country areas.

If you keep you car locked up overnight in a garage and live in an area where the postcode theft rate is high, you can expect substantial discounts on the prices you pay, as opposed to your neighbor who leaves his car parked overnight on the street!

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