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When you finally purchase car insurance you will be asked to agree to certain conditions and terms online. in effect this is the same as signing a paper car insurance declaration form. You agree the terms of the car insurance contract and state that everything you declared on the online quotation form or proposal is truthful and correct.

A typical declaration form will include some or all of the following typical clauses..

I/we desire to insure with the………. in respect of the motor vehicle described in the above proposal; and I/we hereby warrant that the above statements and particulars are true, that I/we have not suppressed, misrepresented or mis-stated any material fact, and that the motor vehicles to be insured will not be used for purposes other than as stated above. I/we agree that this proposal and declaration shall be the basis of the contract between me/us and the company, and I/we agree to accept the company’s usual form of policy for insurances of this nature. I/we undertake that the vehicle or vehicles to be insured shall not be driven by any person who to my/our knowledge has been refused any motor vehicle insurance or continuance thereof.

Date……………..  Signature……………………………………………

The declaration deals with the statements and particulars given in the proposal form and is an essential feature. The last sentence of the declaration is peculiar to car insurance and is a continuing warranty.

The part of the declaration relating to the exclusion of persons who have previously been refused insurance, etc. can, of course, be made the subject of negotiation and amendment by the insurer if the proposer wishes somebody with this sort of record to drive and the insurer agrees to extend cover to this person.

Some insurers use a simplified and abbreviated proposal form for on-line private car insurance eliminating many of the hitherto standard questions, but with the information incorporated as statements into the declaration which the proposer is asked to sign. These abbreviated proposal forms are aimed at the mature and claims-free motorist and also to enable the process to be speedier on-line. Where the proposer is unable to sign the declaration without amendment he would not be eligible for a ‘special’ policy and would be asked to complete a full proposal form. A typical example of such a declaration might be:

I hereby declare that:

  1. I have not been convicted of a motoring offense during the past 5 years (parking and one speeding offense may be ignored).
  2. I have never been convicted of driving under the influence of drink or drugs.
  3. I have during the past four years driven a private car continuously and have earned four years No Claims Discount to date.
  4. I am the owner/hirer under Hire Purchase Agreement of the car referred to above and such car is registered in my name.
  5. My car is at present in a thorough state of repair and I undertake to keep it in sound mechanical and roadworthy condition during the currency of the policy.
  6. I do not suffer from defective vision or hearing which has not been corrected by spectacles or hearing aid, or any other physical defect or infirmity and neither have I suffered from fits of any kind, nor will I permit the car to be driven by any person so affected. If such conditions develop I will immediately advise the company thereof.
  7. No insurer has ever declined to accept, cancelled, refused to renew, increased the premium or imposed special conditions to any insurance proposed by me.
  8. I will not permit the car to be driven by any person if that person has within my knowledge been involved in an accident during the past four years unless full details of such accident have been given to the company and that person approved by them.
  9. All the above answers are true and correct and I agree that:

(1) This proposal shall form the basis of the contract between me and The —— Insurance Company Ltd.
(2) Any untrue or incorrect statements in this declaration or answers to the above questions will result in the policy being null and void from inception.

Date…………………… Signature of proposer………………………………

If you are having trouble securing car insurance because of standard declarations on on-line forms, do not hesitate to call us at Car Insurance Television where we will be able to arrange instant cover on confirmation of your details.

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