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Cover Types

Cover types explained

When you complete a quotation form or a proposal you will be asked to indicate the type of insurance cover you require for your car which may be:

  1. Comprehensive.
  2. Third party, fire and theft.
  3. Third party only.

Be sure to read the policy wordings of the policy you are choosing to understand the limitations of each of the above covers for a particular car insurance company.

It is sometimes possible to obtain an ‘Act’ liability only policy, but this is not usually mentioned on proposal forms or quotation systems and you will normally have to apply direct to a broker or company for this type of cover. The public are generally discouraged from seeking such limited protection, even where it is available .

On the other hand, ‘Road Traffic Act’ liability cover may sometimes be the maximum which an insurer is prepared to grant an insured or proposer if the latter constitutes an especially undesirable risk – for example, if he or she has a recent ‘drink-drive’ conviction an insurer may be prepared to give only ‘Act’ liability cover for the first one or two years while the insured begins to ‘live down’ the conviction.

if you have any doubt about the particular levels of cover you require seek advice from a specialist….

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