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Car Insurance Documents

Many kinds of car insurance contracts are offered to the insuring public and whilst it would prove impossible to describe in detail every document that is available, the principal features that are common to the majority are:

  1. Proposal forms / Statements of Fact
  2. Cover Notes.
  3. Certificates of Car Insurance.
  4. Policy Documents.
  5. No Claims Discount.
  6. Policy forms – conditions.
  7. Payment Documents.
  8. Renewal procedures.

All these documents are now available from on-line car insurance companies. In 2010 the law was changed to allow the electronic delivery of all car insurance documents including the Certificate of Insurance.

Not all Car Insurers are offering this Internet service as their systems are not yet capable of fully cycle documentation delivery by email.

However, those that are offering on-line documentation will also be offering cheap car insurance as they have reduced the costs of production of the policy with the introduction of straight through processing. Expect to see many car insurance deals from these Insurance companies throughout the year as they offer cheap car insurance deals in a hardening market.

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