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Car Insurance Guide

Car Insurance Guide

A complete car insurance guide to the terminology and documents used by car insurers and an explanation of the various components of a car insurance policy. Essential reading for those new to buying car insurance and for those who require greater knowledge and understanding of what they are purchasing when they take out cover for their car.


Car Insurance Documents

Certificate of Car Insurance

Changes to your Cover

Claims Conditions

Claims Notification Procedure

Convicted Drivers

Cover Notes

Cover Types



Drivers Age

Driving Abroad & Green Cards

Garaged Cars

Introductory Discounts

Maintaining Your Car

Monthly Payments

No Claims Discounts & No Claims Bonus

Occupation and Trade


Policy Cancellation

Policy Conditions Compliance

Policy Documents

Policy Identification Clause

Policy Operative Clause

Policy Recital Clause

Policy Signature Clause

Previous Claims

Proposal Forms

Proposer of Car Insurance


Risk Address

Third Party


VAT and Tax

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You should understand what is required when you complete an application for car insurance.

Talk to specialist car insurance experts who understand the insurance needs of your particular car.

Make / model schemes

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