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Oxford Classics Are 100 Years Old

Bullnose Morris Oxford

It was exactly 100 years ago , the 29th March 1913, that the production of cars in the city of dreaming spires, Oxford, began.

William Morris motorcycle manufacturer of Cowley, Oxford, decided to turn his hand to four wheels in 1912 and one hundred years ago this month, launched the very first Morris motor car, the Bullnose, so called because of the rounded design of the radiator. Over 200 were produced in the first year.

Over the years production of some of Britain’s greatest classic cars has taken place at Cowley with nearly 12 million cars made for 13 major marques, and although the original Morris works has long since seen it’s heydey, production still continues with about 3,700 people employed in manufacturing BMW Minis.

At you can insure every marque that has been made at Cowley over the last century with our specialist, veteran and classic car insurance policies including all models of Morris Motors, BMC, British Leyland, BLMC, Mini, Austin Rover, MG and the Rover Group.

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