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UK Government Clamps Down On Whiplash Claims

UK Government

Whiplash claims that cost UK car insurance companies an estimated £2 billion per year and have been blamed for the rising cost of car insurance premiums, are to be clamped down on following a new Government initiative announced today.

The Association of British Insurers have calculated that 570,000 whiplash claims each year add £90 to every premium and believe most of the claims are fake, according to Malcolm Tarling their spokesman.
He said,
“It’s almost the fraud of choice for too many people. There’s something like 1,500 claims being made each day for whiplash. While some are genuine, we think many are fraudulent.”
“The problem is it’s very difficult to establish whether you have whiplash injuries and that’s not been lost on fraudsters or claims management firms who encourage people to claim.”

Sine 2006 the number of personal injury claims, the bulk of which are for whiplash sustained in car accidents has increased by sixty percent, despite the number of accidents falling by twenty percent.

Consequently a Government Commitee, that has described the UK as the ‘Personal Injury Claims Capital of Europe’, is to introduce measures to make it particularly more difficult to make a whiplash claim by the introduction of strict medical tests on those claiming to have suffered from the condition.

Legislation will be introduced that forces anyone wishing to make a whiplash claim to attend an independent specialist medical panel for assessment. Claims management companies will no longer be able to make whiplash claims through the courts and claim costs.

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