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Uninsured Drivers Add To UK Car Insurance Premium Hikes


With the price of car insurance firmly on the media and political agendas, the BBC has weighed in again today with a report that uninsured driving is adding £30 to the price of every car insurance policy!

With so many contributing factors to the hike in car insurance premiums prices this year by 40%, it is a wonder if anyone is paying the true price of cover.

As we’ve been reporting here at car insurance blog for a few years now, uninsured drivers and the contributions that the insurance companies have to pay each year into a fund to cover uninsured losses, have been on the steady increase despite the introduction of the Motor Insurance Database (MID) and criminal convictions. The first excuse that the insurance companies gave in answer to why car insurance premiums were rising back in 2008, was to blame uninsured driving.

Uninsured Drivers UK

The BBC confirms the Motor Insurance Bureau’s (MIB) estimate that there are 1.4 million uninsured drivers on the streets of Britain.

In Bradford, the worst hotspot of uninsured driving in the UK, the number of uninsured drivers is incredibly seven times the national average!

Bradford Police report that uninsured drivers often cause accident and injury and fail to stop at the scene, costing hours of police time.

The BBC again makes the connection between uninsured drivers and young drivers and interviews a girl called Leah who sayas the best quote she could find on a car insurance comparison site was for £5000 and one was for an incredible £53,000!

This is why we are all paying more for our cover says the girl, who justifies young uninsured drivers as being priced out of the market.

A spokesman for the MIB said that the MID has been succesful in reducing uninsured driving by 25% which has been taken account in the car insurance pricing structure, but ultimately there are many other factors that contribute to the price paid by the motorist.

You can see the full interview at BBC News

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