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Are You Overpaying For Car Insurance Cover?

Insurance overpay

The law states under the Road Traffic Act that it is a requirement to have third party road risks cover.

In this day and age when we telephone our insurance company to look for insurance cover for our vehicle, are we buying insurance or are we buying something else as well?

Modern car insurance now includes many additional covers to the original legal requirement.

We have comprehensive cover. This is all risks cover on your vehicle.

Approved Repairers

Your car can be repaired whether you are at fault or not and you do not have to wait for the third party to pay you to start the work.
You can have the car repaired upon authorization of your insurance company. In this day and age the work required to be carried out on your car is undertaken by an approved repairer appointed by your insurance company.
The approved repairer would have agreed terms conditions and charges for parts and labour with the insurance company. In return, the approved repairer becomes one of the insurance companies approved panel of approved repairers and have the guarantee of work under the terms agreed.

If your car is a classic car or car that would require specialist dealers it is worth checking that they are on the panel or there would not be a problem in the event of a claim to use them. If in doubt, check with a specialist classic car insurance broker you may need a specialist policy.

Motor Legal Expenses

Car Insurance Blog thinks this is an essential add on to modern car insurance. It covers legal dispute in the event of a claim.  There are limits to the cover and higher limits maybe available for an additional premium.

Road side Assistance / Free breakdown cover

This can be added for an additional cost per year.

Car Hire

This cover allows you upon authorisation of the insurance company to  hire a vehicle whilst your vehicle is being repaired.
It is worth looking at this cover to see if you are covered for a comparable vehicle or it is limited to the type of vehicle you can hire.
Normally the insurance company use a panel of hire companies to provide the vehicle.

Claims Helpline

This is normally a free or local rate telephone number which can be called to a call centre at the insurance company. They are trained to help you with your claim.

Check to see if your insurance company has provided this service free of charge.

It is always worth checking your car insurance documents sent from the insurance company you have placed your insurance cover with to see exactly what you have paid for and whether you need this cover.
Also check the excess that the insurance company has applied to your policy in the event of a claim.


An excess is the amount that you have to pay towards your claim. This can be anything from £50 to £1000. Also check the other excesses that apply you may be penalized because of your age, convictions etc. If you think these limits are too high speak to your insurance company to see if the excess can be reduced to a more affordable amount. The problem with this is that insurance companies may want more money. Insurance companies normally provide a discount to the premium for higher excesses, so the higher the excess the lower the premium.

If in doubt, talk to a car insurance broker who can talk you through the covers and compare car insurance on your behalf.

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