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Beleaguered Tory Prime Minister David Cameron went flying to the defence of Sheilas Wheels yesterday in an attack upon his natural enemies, the mandarins of Brussels.

The EU are currently in the process of passing laws which will outlaw the use of gender as a rating factor in Insurance.

This means that ladies car insurance and womens car insurance will disappear as a specialist car insurance option and the like of Sheilas Wheels, Diamond, Ladydriver and Girlmotor will effectively become illegal! These companies will have to offer cover to Men at the same rates (for the other rating factors) for the risk.

What this also means is that the highest risk groups, that is young male drivers under the age of 25, will be getting much cheaper premiums at the expense of the ladies!

The gender rating ban will have ramifications to all types of personal insurance and life insurance where sex  is used as a rating variable.

Bike riding Cameron is not to happy about the enforced changes from abroad.

Mr Cameron called for action to stop such rulings in the future, saying: “Women on the whole have better safety driving records than men.

“But as a result of this judgement they won’t benefit from lower insurance payments.

“What it says to me is we’ve got to do much better to risk assess and then stop so much of the damaging legislation that is coming out of Brussels.”

Car Insurance Blog has been calling and campaigning for changes to the methodologies used for calculating young drivers car insurance, which is totally unfair. Perhaps this fight with Brussels will finally put this on the agenda.

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