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Pope Drives Uninsured on UK Roads – God is not Covered by Car Insurance

Car Insurance Blog has suffered two attacks from Bosnians in the last month exploiting a WordPress security loophole to corrupt our files. Anyway we’re back and in light of the Popes visit to the UK we thought we’d take a light hearted look at Car Insurance for Pope Mobiles.

We asked Dave Healey from leading UK car insurance comparison website Car Insurance TV to get us a quote for the Pope……

“Underwriting the Pope to drive the Pope Mobile presents many problems to UK car insurance underwriters.”

“There are only two Popemobiles in the UK, one in Edinburgh, and one in Wimbledon London which is a relatively low theft rated area, however this scarcity puts the Popemobile firmly into the specialist car insurance market.”

“When looking to insure the Pope we would like anyone else  have to take into regard his driving history including whether or not he had protected no claims bonuses or not, which would allow him big discounts.”

“His age though, just like for senior drivers in the UK could go against him for obtaining standard car insurance, as would his health, mental health or medical problems which he would need to discreetly declare!”

“Given his history of non-disclosure of the truth, he would need to be very careful about how he filled in his proposal form if he didn’t want it to come back upon him later when claims are made!”

Pope Mobile


“We would not be able to insure him for fundamental risks that are Acts of God. This would be like you continually having to claim against your Employer who is carrying out the acts of loss.

“The car itself is a V12 5 litre Mercedes souped-up pick-up truck that can belt out over 450bhp, however the 5 tonnes of modifications would stop it attaining it’s maximum speed of around 150 mph.”

“The cars specifications would definitely put it in the highest Thatcham car insurance group for rating, Group 20, as parts and labour for repairs would be extremely expensive.”

“The premiums would be normally made extremely high due to the specialist modifications that have been made to the Pope mobile.  However as these are mainly security measures these would for the Pope-mobile attract rating discounts.”

“With the constant Police escort there is more of a chance of the Pope being noticed for moving traffic offences, however this police presence probably reduces the theft rating portion of the premium to Nil.”

“We don’t turn down anybody for quotes at Car Insurance TV,  however this time I think it might be wise to decline cover!”

Thanks Dave, You might notice if you look at the windscreen that the car in neither taxed nor insured!

Pope Mobile

I guess it won’t be showing up on the Motor Insurance Database either then, so the old boy should be alright driving around in it for a while without getting nicked!

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