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Banning New Drivers from Night Driving is Crazy says Major Car Insurer

New Driver

It’s definitely ‘silly season’ out there and the latest so called safety measures have come up with some of the most craziest ideas ever for reducing accidents on UK roads.

The BBC is reporting that Cardiff University researchers say Newly qualified drivers should be banned from night-time motoring and young drivers should be banned from carrying passengers of a similar age.

Night Riders

They said such “graduated driver licensing” for those aged 17-19 could save more than 200 lives and result in 1,700 fewer serious injuries each year.

Similar schemes apparantely already exist in New Zealand, Australia and parts of the US.

The Cardiff University study was compiled after analysing road accident data from 2000 to 2007.

They also claim research suggests one in five new drivers crashes within the first six months. The Cardiff team says that by targeting them with graduated driver licensing, many accidents might be avoided.

Cutting the UK’s accident rate would also save the economy £890m, the team estimates.


Car Insurance blog has never heard so much ‘bunkum’ !

1. All new drivers are not necessarily young drivers! Once again the Government seems to be targetting the young!

2. Using the 80/20 rule one in five new drivers could be expected to have a crash anyway!

3. What types of accidents did these new drivers have? A collective set of accidents with a minor bump at one end of the scale and death by dangerous driving at the other is too wide a population to have any meaning!

4. Where is the evidence that night driving is more prone to accidents.

5. What was the proportion of accidents by new drivers in comparison to other road using groups?

6. Where did they pluck the 890 million out of the air from? These are not Insurance Company claims figures!

and finally

How on earth are they going to enforce this ridiculous rule?

By misuse of the MID plucking people of the streets at night? – Zeig Heil!

Meanwhile, the Looney Tune Group – Tune into Traffic campaign group has highlighted the dangers of listening to music on MP3 players and iPods while driving and walking.

Hmm they’ll be banning the radio next!

Another bunch of nutters from the University of London will also put the case for more 20mph zones, arguing it could help reduce injuries – particularly in deprived areas.

Their research purports to show that those in deprived areas are twice as likely to be killed or injured than those in affluent areas.

What a load of bull! Fact of the matter is, there are probably more kids on the streets in the deprived areas because there is no where else for them to go….however, maybe if we invested more in the communities than on street bumps….and crazy university projects?

The Department for Transport said most new drivers wanted to be responsible, but a small minority put themselves and others at risk.

Huh? I would say that applies to all groups of drivers looking at the claims that come in! The new driver is just an easy political target!

How about improving the driving test? Education is always preferable to legislation!

If a similar system to the avaition pilots licence is adopted, new drivers would have to do ‘say’ ten hours of night driving with a qualified instructor, before they could sit the exam!

If killer new drivers prowling the streets of the UK at night really is a problem, then that’s much more sensible than the reactionary rubbish that’s coming out of these UK universities!

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