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Sat Nav May Invalidate Your Car Insurance

BMW Parking Fail

The Association of British Insurers is warning that policyholders claiming for accidents that were a direct result of the use of in car Satellite Navigation systems, could find their car insurance invalidated in certain circumstances.

The statement comes following the most recent of a spate of accidents involving drivers of cars that were relying upon the use of directional in car sat-nav systems. The problem is quite often they either don’t work to the programmed co-ordinates or they mistakenly take you off down some route or side track where your vehicle cannot possibly safely go.

In the latest incident last week, a man from North Yorkshire nearly drove of a cliff in the dark…

And tragedy was only avoided by a small dry stone wall that stopped his BMW.

Robert Jones continued to follow the instructions when they told him the narrow, steep path he was driving on in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, was a road.
Mr Jones, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, only stopped when his BMW hit a fence above Gauxholme railway bridge on Sunday morning.
Police have charged Mr Jones with driving without due care and attention.
The 43-year-old, who works as a driver, said he relied on his sat nav for his job.

If you are arrested for driving without due care and attention your car insurance may well be invalid. Take particular care when following instructions from others while driving!

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