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Save 80% on your car insurance – prices guaranteed!

Save money on car insurance

Eighty percent savings on your existing car insurance at renewal – guaranteed!

80% off my car insurance – No I don’t Believe it!

Well in the not so distant future this may well be the headlines that greet you on your TV set or computer, when a new criminal intelligence system is rolled out by certain participating car insurance companies.

The car insurance companies using the system will most certainly be offering big big discounts to get you to sign up!


The system effectively stops uninsured driving, allows insurance companies to eliminate many of the car insurance claims bottlenecks and at the same time provides police with the physical location of an insured vehicle, whenever they have reason to suspect otherwise.

By matching known locations of vehicles taken from Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPRS) which are attached to streaming live video taken from multiple camera location sources, a datastream interrogates the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

The new system works by comparing known positons of registered vehicles.

When you sign up to the massive car insurance discounts policy, you will need to register a device that has GPS streaming output capability. Such devices are Pay as You Go (PAYG) insurance boxes, MOT Road Charging boxes, Mobile phones or any other GPS device with output streaming capability that can be permanently associated with the car. That’s the only catch! Unless you include privacy, human rights, big brother society etc. etc. ….

Like it or not the economics of this system will ensure it is delivered!

Here’s how it works!
When a request is made to the MID by the Police, either from an officer in the field or triggered by an APNRS, those car insurance policies that have signed up to the ‘Security discount’, will have the current GPS position returned to the police.
The policyholder for the registration number of the registered GPS device for their car is ‘pinged’.

What is known as ‘GPS pinging’ is a request for a serial datastream of GPS coordinates, from the registered device, which gives the cars current GPS position. The coordinate datastream is retrieved to the MID and available instantly to the police.
If there is a mismatch in the serial numbers – Bingo you’ve got yoursef false numberplates!
The whole system is automated and can instantly flag up to the nearest patrol car the location of the car with false number plates.

Watch out billy burglars and car insurance fraudsters!

Big Brother is soon to be Watching!

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